Hi everyone!

I realized sort of by surprise today that even though many, many people want to change their lives around and come out of bad situations, the very thought of trying to figure out from where to get the information from and where to start, can be extremely daunting. It can be exhausting and draining – and I know, because I have been there.

I have done the research, read the articles, and spent hours upon hours listening to people talking – or waxing poetic, in some cases – about how to get to the promised land. I’ve gone through the rubbish and I’ve found some gems. You get both, really. The fact of the matter is, that by the time you get the exact information you need, it can take weeks. It can be disheartening and make you want to throw up your hands and call it quit before you even get to the really good stuff.

And that sucks, honestly. You are trying to make changes at a fundamental level, and all you are getting is one guy telling you about his product/service and then handing you off to his buddy. You don’t know what is legitimately useful and who to trust.

Well, dear reader, I have definitely been there and done that. I have smacked my head on my desk in simultaneous fits of enlightenment and frustration.

To put it simply: I am going to link you to the things – free things! article-things and video-things! book-things, too! – that I found to be the most useful, essential, and lessen that workload for you. And it is work, make no mistake. By the time you are done digging in deep to find out what is a scam and what is genuine, you have to take a shower and go to bed to prepare for another nine-to-five work day.

I want to help, because when I look back on it today, I could have seriously, seriously used some of this information.

So instead of just compiling all of these useful tools in emails and just shooting them off to my friends, I am going to share them here.

I sincerely hope that you guys find them as helpful as I did – and still do – and that it helps make a reality the kind of good life-altering changes that you are looking for.

Wishing everyone peace and love,

Ani Keshishyan