Hi Everyone,

With the Armenian Genocide being a few days ago, and the energy of that tragedy being such a real, suffocating thing that is still prevalent, I decided to make this post in order to help people overcome and transcend their cultural story. It doesn’t have to be the Armenian Genocide, it can be whatever tragedy that is culturally embedded in your DNA. It can be your own trauma story.

Being an Intuitive Life Coach, I can’t stress how important it is to accept the genocide and say “yes” to it (per Eckhart Tolle), instead of carrying it around like a burden, or a cross. In order for this old wound to heal, we need to say “yes” to it and let it be, instead of saying “no” and resisting it (by being angry and hateful), the event, and adding more pain to the collective consciousness.

It needs to be transcended, the energy of the tragedy. We are not doing this for anyone else but ourselves. We are doing this for a deep, inner healing which lets the soul and body breathe, instead of being in a constant state of contraction and cellular degeneration, since our very being has an overlay, a film of energy, which resonates to sorrow and anger. That is not healthy. It is asinine that we should promote the suffering of our kind with the salting of the wound. This does not mean that you should not and cannot outwardly go on the marches and raise your voice, but you do it from a place of deep, inner stillness, wholeness.

Think of Jesus on the Cross, and how his final “no” to his situation was “Father, why hast thou abandoned me?” followed by “Not my will, but your will be done,” and he fully gave in and said “yes” to the moment and everything it carried – he became one with the worst manifestation of suffering imagined, and thus, no longer resisting it, he transcended it. The Cross was no longer just a instrument of torture, but became a symbolic representation of the Divine, a Resurrection. It served a dual purpose.

Remember, what you resist persists – what you accept, you move past.

Do this with all things in your life that are causing you suffering (physical, mental, and emotional), say yes to all of them, and let them be as they are. What could be more crazier than saying no to what already is? There is a divine opening in any and every situation, no matter how terrible you may perceive it to be, when you say yes to it and accept it for what it is. There is a peace that settles and helps transcends that energy with an intelligence that is far beyond the understanding of it.

Be at Peace, brothers and sisters, and let there be healing.

Healing starts as soon as you stop fighting – once the inner reality has shifted, this manifests in your outer world. One person at a time, there can be a change that is peaceful and ever-lasting.

Many Blessings to All,