Hi everyone!

I have not updated in some time, but I felt compelled to spread the word about the dangers of you or your loved ones joining MITT, or Mastery in Transformational Training.

One of my friends, who was initially a client of mine and my brother’s, joined MITT (based in Los Angeles) a few months ago, so that she could kick-start her life again and make some significant, positive changes. She wanted to develop leadership skills and live a happier, and freer life, and MITT was supposed to help get her there.

Unfortunately, after many sessions with my friend, it was clear to see that the entire program was a pyramid scheme in disguise, and it was brainwashing and emotionally and mentally manipulating its members into losing their identities. They would verbally demean and undermine their members and get them to make other people join the group. My friend was completely drained and exhausted (her health was seriously plummeting), and after the our session last week, we finally convinced her to pull out of the cult-like group, despite the fact that she wouldn’t be receiving a refund of any kind and would likely get harassed via email, etc.

Do your own research and come to this conclusion yourself, dear readers. My brother and I get a very low, negative energy reading from the entire program, all the way to the owner in charge. They simply leech your energy out of you, and fill you up with programs that are hurtful for you and your loved ones, in the short term and long term.

With that out of the way, I wish you all well.

Until next time, dear readers.

Many blessings,